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Welcome to ‘She Dares To Say’: a newsletter by me, Almaz Ohene, a multi-disciplinary writer and creative working across sexuality education, journalism and branding.

Much of my work centres marginalised voices, as I’m committed to taking steps to help dismantle all forms of systemic oppression.

Season 3 ‘She Dares To Say’ will begin in October 2023.

Season 2 of ‘She Dares To Say’ ran from February 2022 to March 2023 and features audio extracts, along with accompanying verbatim transcripts from the interview series I’ve been running about sexuality.

Season 1 of ‘She Dares To Say’ ran from January 2021–January 2022 and featured alternating personal essays by Almaz and pieces from guest writers and/or thinkers on sexuality, diversity, and coloniality.

About Almaz
Almaz Ohene is a Creative CopywriterFreelance Journalist and Accidental Sexpert.
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Almaz Ohene

Creative Copywriter and Freelance Journalist. Personal essays on sexuality, representation, diversity and inclusion.